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Atlanta  Junk Removal is a family-owned and operated junk removal company. We proudly serve Marietta, Metro Atlanta, and the surrounding 20-mile radius, providing our junk removal and trash hauling services to both residential and commercial clients. There are some things that we
just can’t put out on the curb for the weekly trash pickup; that’s when you need Junk removal We will haul away the trash and junk that the local garbage man won’t take, from old furniture to hazardous materials. We will help you clean up your property in no time at all!


1. Atlanta Junk Removal is one of the most seamless and pain-free junk removal Company from Yard debris Drywall Removal to junk furniture removal. I’ve ever booked. Not only were all the employees super friendly and prompt with correspondence, but they even went as far as cleaning up around the steps of my apartment building (trash left by homeless vagrants, not from residents!). For the price you pay, they’ll take care of e-recycling and proper redistribution of donation-worthy items. If you’re looking for a quick haul of old furniture or a mattress removal in Atlanta, Marietta, or surrounding areas Tony and his team is definitely the service to call.

2. I needed furniture removal in Atlanta and some junk removal hauling for my backyard and garage This Junk Removal Company was Responsive, Efficient, Friendly, and High Quality work from Atlanta Junk Removal from old furniture removal. We had to have a section of our yard regarded and all the dirt removed. They showed up on time and finished under the time they quoted. If only all contractors worked liked Tony and his junk removal team.

3. Tony and his junk removal hauling service Atlanta team definitely deserve their five-star rating for junk removal in Atlanta. We have used them twice now over at our office and they just do fantastic Junk Removal work. Never seen anyone work as hard as this junk removal team does. They are fast, professional and they get the Hauling Service job done. They even did a little extra Hauling Service work for us. I highly recommend this Atlanta Junk Removal service company and probably one of the best teams in Atlanta. We will always use Tony and his team from now on. They are wonderful they even did old some last min appliance removal for us that I almost forgot about they didn’t.

4. I had to call Atlanta Junk Removal back again to remove some junk, a lot of Drywall Removal, yard debris from our place. Their trash hauling work is Excellent and fast. The whole team of Tony is pretty awesome in their work. They are highly recommended for all types of junk removals like scrap metal removal and other debris.

5. Atlanta Junk Removal was pretty amazing. I needed some appliance haul away and they went above and beyond taking care of it They were on time and did a great job for a good price.

6. I was looking for some appliance removal hauling companies and Atlanta Junk Removal happened to be picking up our neighbor’s furniture and other things. We also had some things need to be removed. My husband asked Tony if he could also do some extra junk hauling in Atlanta in a few weeks and some concrete removal but some stuff now and some later and he since we didn’t make an appointment with them. Very courteous and professional. We will definitely hire them in the future.

7. I was online looking for appliance removal companies and A huge thank you to Atlanta Junk Removal for helping me with cleaning out the huge mess my hoarding tenants left me after moving out. I haven’t been this happy with a service in a while. I almost couldn’t wait to write them this review lol!

I called this haul away junk Company this morning to get a quote and they responded very promptly. The price was low I was surprised a pretty big job but very reasonable compared to other hauling services and worth every penny. I asked them when their earliest availability was to get junk removal for my home in sandy springs and they literally had their truck and staff ready to go as soon as I gave them the OK. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating, I was very impressed with how efficient they worked as they got all the junk out within a couple of hours. I would without a doubt recommend them to my friends, family, and whoever is in need of getting their junk hauled.

8. First off I googled looking for junk haulers near me and called a few places no one answered except for Atlanta Junk Removal they answered right when I called In this world where everyone is so busy, it truly is amazing that a small mom & pop operation can do that. That instantly confirmed to me that Atlanta Junk Removal was the right hauler for me, and I’m so glad I went with them. Second, they did more for me than just hauling. I also needed a brick wall demolished. No problem! It was done in about 20 minutes. They then cleaned up every piece of debris. The area was as clean as a surgical room when they were done. Third, the professionalism of their staff is off the charts. They are so polite and easy to talk to. We had some laughs while they were there and I, of course, offered them some lemonade. I actually initially offered them some hard lemonade, but they politely declined. We had a great chat over some juice. It was an awesome experience.

9. I went looking for appliance removal companies in Atlanta I had a really bad situation where my tenants vandalized my property here in Atlanta. This place was like a trap house. They left all appliances behind and clothes and trash… the list goes on. It’s unfortunate to have people ruin your place. However, I came across this junk pick up Company and spoke to TONY AND THEY ARE AWESOME. They moved absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted. It took 2 days with multiple loads to remove everything in my home. I got multiple different companies Tony was the only that provided me with a quote I was satisfied with. Above all! THEY ARE ALWAYS ON TIME. With other disposal companies I’ve met, they will make you wait for more than an hour. Here’s why you should hire Atlanta Junk Removal:
1) they’re affordable
2)they’re fast collectors
3) good customer service
4)always responds
5)they get the job done so you don’t need to stress

10. This Roswell junk removal team of Tony was great! Working out the details was easy, fast and the price was more than fair, perhaps even a little low. They showed up on time, with a full crew, were friendly, neat & clean, no-kidding-around quick and organized, they got right at it, knew what they were doing and were gone in 20 minutes! I’d give them 6 stars if it was an option and I would recommend them without reservations.

11. I wish I could give Atlanta Junk Removal more stars then the 5. I had these furniture haul away remover guys come out and provide me with a quote for breaking up and hauling away a good amount of concrete in our backyard. They responded quickly and were very professional with their estimate.
After comparing other bids, they were more competitive and all of the positive 5-star reviews helped as well. They also arrived early and were able to complete the job within a couple of hours, where others had quoted out full days. I plan to use them for the second phase of the project and highly recommend them.

12. Atlanta Junk Removal is a very professional and great service. Tony and his team came out to give an estimate and they were also prepared to work. Cleaned out the yard in less than an hour. Also hauled some chairs from the garage. My husband and I are happy with the results and will definitely call them to come back in the future.

13. Wonderful people are working here at Atlanta Junk Removal. They helped me with some furniture haul away for my mom with her house Furniture Removal and we so appreciate it! Really. I didn’t know how it was possible to do all of this without you.
Thank you so much, Tony and your team for the junk pick up in Atlanta Good luck with all your clients, guys! 🙂

14. I called because I was looking for an Atlanta Junk removal company in Alpharetta or Roswell or Atlanta This junk removal Company answered their phone I sent pictures and requested a ballpark figure for pick up in Roswell and Alpharetta for junk removal since I have two homes in two different cities I needed some picking up furniture mattress, yard debris (outside umbrella, plastic bins, pic frames, playpen, etc, They arrived as scheduled and loaded up quickly. The price never went up and they offered to take a few extra items (bike, old toolbox, recycles boxes) with no additional cost. Overall made it easier on me and they were quick and polite. Thank you for helping me empty out my garage! look forward to using their services for spring cleaning and mattress removal in Atlanta.

15. I needed some junk pick up company in Atlanta I found this Junk Removal Company they did an amazing job hauling off junk from my aunt’s hoarder home today! They arrived on time and with trucks ready to go! The staff was friendly, professional, and super-efficient. Tony and his team prepared well for this job and ran the operation smoothly with no kinks. These guys are a great team who work well together and supervised the project efficiently and effectively and insured the success of this monumental task! I highly recommend their services! You won’t find a stronger work ethic anywhere else! next month I will be needed to call back to get some mattress removal in Atlanta done since I will be getting rid of all my old mattresses and buying new ones

16. Atlanta Junk Removal is the best hauling service I’ve ever hired. They are friendly and super reliable. I called them in the morning to get a quote for removing a ton of old cardboard boxes in our garage (like over 100 and they even took an old wardrobe as well). Extremely fast service – they came out the same day at noon, provided a quote, and then removed the boxes within 30 min. They worked with outstanding care, quality, and efficiency. After they finished, then cleaned the garage area and removed all excess debris – the area was spotless after. Thank you again!!!

17. I scheduled an estimate for yard cleanup and mattress removal and easily exchanged text messages to confirm. Tony and his team came on time if not early. He gave a good price to handle our front and back yard, overgrown with weeds, fallen branches, and worn walkway planks. I was surprised they could work immediately, and they completed the same day even as I returned to work. They hand-pulled weeds in many areas and hauled away all debris. They also hauled several large garbage bags I planned to just load weekly with ecology. We will call them again for future yard cleanup and mattress removal services in Atlanta.

18. Atlanta Junk Removal sent someone right over to give an estimate of clearing out a massive amount of junk from my garage. Their hauling Junk Removal quote was less than half of two other companies found here on Yelp. I had to delay the project twice because of logistical issues, and they were fine to postpone and keep working with me.
They cleared the garage incredibly quickly from 9 AM – 3 PM and they were gone. They even removed things that were nailed to the ceilings and wall even though we never discussed that, for no extra fee. Finally, unlike many other places I’ve dealt with, they stuck to their original quote even though there were two more truckloads of junk than they anticipated and were very professional the whole time. They have our gratitude and will have our repeat business as well.

19. I’ve used Atlanta Junk Removal three times now and have been very happy with their responsiveness, price, and service each time in removing all the junks in my garage. No reason to contact anyone else other than Tony and his junk removal team… highly recommended!

20. I needed a furniture removal company in Atlanta and found Tony and his team are awesome. On-time, reliable, gentle and careful. Highly recommended!! Had a piano to get rid of… They broke it down, loaded it in the truck, cleaned up, and took off in 10 minutes… seriously, who can complain. Awesome.

21. Fast! Tony and his Junk removal hauling team were here within 30 minutes to my home in Marietta I had them do a large junk removal job asked them to pick up about 18 of those big brown bags full of weeds for the compost center. Very reasonable price. He and his helper were nice, fast, and super polite and truly take their work and service very seriously. I’ll be keeping their card for the future!

22. Fantastic service. Atlanta Junk Removal They kept in touch all week, very flexible. Gave me a great quote for furniture removal for my home in Atlanta using my pictures I sent to them of the items to be removed. they arrived promptly and dispensed the items I paid by check. All went great, no fuss at all and very good experience.

23. I can’t even express how great of a junk removal job this team of Tony did! They showed up on time to my house in Alpharetta, checked out space, quoted me right then and there for some furniture removal and got to work. The guys were literally still walking in when the others had already fired up the chainsaw. They did an amazing job. Very thorough and they even pulled the weed up from the cracks in the cement. I will be hiring them again and recommend them highly for any furniture removal.

24. This company Atlanta Junk Removal is amazing. Well organized, on time to the job site, the manager was on site to ensure the scope of work was completed and did a thorough walkthrough with me before and after. They work super-fast and efficiently. All contractors should be modeled after them. I’ll be using them again in the future for any Junk removal furniture removal in Atlanta.

25. Atlanta Junk Removal is Excellent. They gave me a great price and communicated clearly and promptly. They gave me a one hour window and called when they were on their way. They arrived on time. The workers were polite and worked carefully and quickly. Perfect!

26. Atlanta Junk Removal arrived at the scheduled time, gave me a reasonable estimate for furniture removal for my home in Atlanta and did the work that day in record time. Tony and his team did a great job cleaning out the backyard. It was a whirlwind and would have taken me a month. Thank you so much for everything.

27. This Atlanta Junk Removal if I could give them more than five stars, I would. They were on time. They worked in the pouring rain. They were thorough, had a big crew and worked super-fast getting the furniture removal done in my home in Atlanta. And they left the yard cleaner than ever, far beyond the area that they hauled. Yay for Tony and his team.

28. Contacting and getting a quote was super easy. Scheduled a good time on a Saturday morning for junk removal for my home in Alpharetta, took only 15 minutes to haul away my two-bed frames and two mattresses. Tony and his crew were super friendly. They got things done fast and clean! Price is also very reasonable considering they have few members to help out, highly recommend the Atlanta Junk Removal services for everyone!

29. If I could give 10 stars to this hauling company Atlanta Junk Removal, I would. They were so quick to respond when I first reached out at 830pm last night. We scheduled an appointment for 9 am this morning and they were on time and ready to remove a huge concrete wall that fell down into our yard. They brought a team of about 7-8 guys, 3 trucks, and all of their tools. They provided a very fair quote on the spot and started work immediately. They were very fast (less than 30 minutes) and cleaned up afterward. The area is better looking than before the wall came down! I will definitely be using them again for any hauling needs.

30. I have used Smyrna junk removal twice in the last few months. I have been remodeling a home in the city. Both times, I called Tony at the last minute to get stuff hauled away. He was there within an hour each time.
Very prompt and professional service. Good price also.
I highly recommend Tony and Atlanta Junk Removal

31. Another incredible job by Atlanta Junk Removal. Their attention to detail, incredibly hard work, and professionalism is what makes us hire them every year to clear out the backyard. Super-fast, thorough, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!

32. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Fantastic job by Tony and his team. They were very reasonably priced, performed the work in my home in Smyrna for junk removal the same day as the quote and transformed my backyard of the house! They did a courtesy sweep of my garage and even came back to fix a door that was accidentally locked from the inside. They are all so very nice. I can’t say enough good things about them. I will definitely be calling them again in the future. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!

33. Came, cleaned, and hauled had some furniture removal I needed in Atlanta and some Commerical Junk removal needed so I got a bunch of different stuff done by the Atlanta Junk Removal. On-time, good communication, and went above and beyond the simple request by getting my whole yard removed off yard debris and picked up the old furniture behind my shed they worked hard Super efficient and well-priced. I will have them back again for sure!

34. I needed a few large items hauled away quickly. I received a response within a few minutes of contact and got a quote soon after I texted pictures. Tony and His team arrived on time as scheduled and the job was done with ease. I will be using Atlanta Junk Removal in the future. Thank you, Tony

35. Atlanta Junk Removal did an amazing job clearing out and hauling away stuff in our backyard in an insanely short amount of time. Tony contacted me within minutes of sending a request, they were able to come that same afternoon to do a furniture removal for my home in Atlanta and were done in little over an hour. They did a fantastic job getting rid of all the debris and the old mattress in my backyard Would definitely call them again and highly recommend them.

36. Tony and his team are super friendly and reliable. Their team did a great cleanup and haul of my two properties. I highly recommend them. They respond within 10 minutes. Thank you Atlanta Junk Removal for all your hard work.

37. Consistent with most of the reviews here, Atlanta Junk Removal was on time, fairly priced, and very professional. They hauled away from a pile of concrete and bricks and cleaned up the mess in about 30 minutes! It would have taken me many hours to do and days of being sore, and plus I’d have to rent a huge truck.
The lady across the street was desperate to have him help her remove a pile of bricks and Tony went over there and took them away for her out of the goodness of his heart! Nobody does that kind of thing anymore! True gentleman. Good company, don’t bother with any other hauling service! I will be calling in a few weeks to get
some Commerical junk removal for my office in Atlanta

38. I had to get rid of an old mattress, furniture, some appliance so I needed Junk removal for my home in Smyrna. Tony and his team were prompt and professional when I scheduled them in for the next morning. I think they helped me take everything out in under 20 minutes with all the junk in my place the hauling was quick.

39. I contacted Atlanta Junk Removal and they were at my house the next day to remove the items. The Hauling junk removal team was nice and quick. The price was affordable. Thank you so much, Tony and your Team!

40. Very happy with the work done by Atlanta Junk Removal. We called in the morning and they came by in half an hour, gave an estimate We agreed on a price which was low compared to what we have paid in the past. they were there and ready to start the work with 4 men. The finished product was worth it and they were professional, quick (got the job done in less than 3 hours), hard-working, cleaned up after themselves, hauled all the trees and trimming away in their truck. We are very happy with their work and will call them again without hesitation.

41. I can’t recommend this appliance removal company in Atlanta! I got a higher estimate from another appliance removal company in Atlanta and I’m so happy I went with Tony. They had an entire crew show up and worked their butts off and got the job done in 2 hours! They always asked me to be sure they were doing what I wanted and not taking anything I didn’t want to be taken. Make sure you get a quote from them and you won’t be disappointed. If I could give them any more stars I would!!

42. This junk hauling Company in Atlanta was completely awesome. They showed up early, did the job super quick and left the site nice and clean. I will definitely use them again if I need Junk to pick up or hauling done.

43. Perfecto is the right name of the Atlanta Junk Removal! Cleared out my HUGE haul in like 10 minutes. They are super responsive and answer all my questions with full transparency. Cleared out 12 garbage bags, 4 stacks of empty boxes and a queen-sized bed at a reasonable price. I Would highly recommend them.

44. Quick to respond from Atlanta Junk Removal at fair prices to haul away debris from a small home repair project. They were also kind enough to accommodate some special requests for pick up around our busy schedule.

45. The guys at Atlanta Junk Removal were great. Very friendly, easy to work with, responsive, and they showed up and did a great job. I will absolutely be using Tony and his team again. My issue was a bit odd, I needed two pretty big hedges removed and hauled from my front yard. Not only did they remove the hedges, but they were careful not to upset any pipes, and they replaced the stones in a way that gave it an aesthetically pleasing look after they were done. Just great all around!

46. I had a great experience with Atlanta Junk Removal. I needed to have a mattress removed on fairly short notice and they made the entire process very easy. Not only did they respond quickly to my messages, but they also communicated with me throughout the whole process so that the pickup was convenient and simple. Overall, Tony was highly professional and I would very much recommend them to anyone looking for junk removal.

47. Atlanta Junk Removal gave wonderful service from start to finish. I gave them a call Monday morning, great service on the phone, texted them pictures of the items I needed picked up and got an estimate immediately! I called multiple places for the estimate, not only did they have a reasonable price but they also were fast to schedule the pickup, best in town! Tuesday morning they came in perfect timing to pick up the items. They were very gracious and professional. The whole process took about 20 minutes, which was perfect! We are a business with many dogs so we need someone to come in and out fast. Overall we loved the service and will definitely recommend them and used them

48. We recently hired Atlanta junk Removal to do some major yard demolition so that we could replant a fresh slate. They did a great job ripping out all of the bushes and plants leaving only soil behind. They also brought in new gravel for our walkways. Very happy with their fast, hard work.

49. Atlanta Junk Removal (Tony and his team) were so amazing, quick and left my garden so much better than before. They were able to accommodate my request the same day. Super happy with the results and would absolutely use them again. Thank you so much!! 🙂

50. The Atlanta Junk Removal team and all of their employees are the hardest working, most polite and efficient group of folks in the business. They go above and beyond every time. This is the 3rd large job we’ve used them for and the kicked butt every single time. They show up on time (or early!) and work hard until the job is done. All 3 jobs were big ones – major demo work and haul away and they exceeded expectations every time. Not to mention, the owner that runs the company is the nicest guy you’ll meet. Great company and good people. Highly recommended!

51. This Smyrna junk removal Company just finished up a two-day job of Junk removal and we couldn’t be happier. They even did a huge help by picking up our fall leaves to the road, which would have taken us many, many hours to rake! Tony is easy to communicate with, and the cleanup in our yard was amazing!!

52. Great experience! I called to inquire about removing some furniture a few mattress from our house that we’ve been unable to properly dispose of. Tony was responsive and helpful, helping me talk through my needs. The Junk removal guys showed up, were quick, efficient, and pleasant. I will definitely use again for any future projects.

53. I called Atlanta Junk Removal after multiple companies would not provide an actual quote. I called and spoke with Tony who provided a junk removal quote. On the day of the furniture removal, a received a call prior to arrival and the junk removal guys we’re professional. The furniture was moved quickly and paying for the service was easy. I will use this JUnk pick up Company again and inform everyone of my positive experience.

54. I was looking for a Smyrna junk removal Company and found Tony and his team arrived promptly, were friendly, careful, efficient, and got the job done quickly. Price was better by 40% from another hauling company. I will definitely keep this contact info and use them again.

55. We had a load of trash and debris left over from a move we did before. I would guess it amounted to about 5 pickup loads. We hired Tony and his team because they were the first to respond to our request – and we were in a hurry. From the first telephone conversation to the departure of their truck the experience was nothing but exceptional. They were polite, timely, clean, and efficient. They aren’t the cheapest game in town, but if you want someone you can count on to do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it, these are your guys.

56. I was doing a remodeling project on our new home purchase and was ripping out cabinets, Sheetrock, and brick. I found this Atlanta Junk Removal. They were responsive, affordable and friendly. next time I need Commerical junk removal in sandy springs I will call again.

57. Awesome appliance removal Atlanta service. They were very attentive and removed all the appliances I needed to be removed a great job!

58. When stuff’s got to go, and you need Junk Removal, call Tony. I needed appliance removal in Atlanta they were Great, fast, friendly customer service.

59. If you need Junk Removal, call Tony and his team. Seriously. He has some great customer service skills.

– Prompt return calls, immediate emails of contracts and receipts, show up on time – every time
– Pick up crew even CLEANED UP yard debris This is a great price for a great product – and the customer service was second to none.

60. Excellent customer service! You never realize how much you need junk removal had tony and clean out a garage and an attic! Tony is so prompt in returning calls and giving you all of the information that you need. Best price and service! I would recommend to everyone!!

61. We are so happy that we decided to go with this mattress and furniture removal company for our project. Tony went above and beyond to service our needs. The best price and best service in town. We definitely recommend Atlanta Junk Removal to everyone!

62. We had a load of trash and debris appliances left over from a move I had done a while back. I would guess it amounted to about 5 pickup loads. We hired Atlanta Junk Removal because they were the first to respond to our request – and we were in a hurry. From the first telephone conversation to the departure of their truck the experience was nothing but exceptional. They were polite, timely, clean, and efficient. They were the most affordable in town, if you want someone you can count on to do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it, these are your guys.

63. I put a request out for junk pick up with Atlanta for junk removal. Tony, the company owner, replied immediately to my request with a great junk removal quote. Within 2 hours, our junk was gone!!!! Very prompt and efficient service!!!! Very friendly guys!!!! We will definitely contact them again!! Thank you Hauling Plus!!!!

64. I needed to get a junk pick up in Atlanta for a washer and dryer and loads of other items so I called for appliance removal and what Amazing service I have to say with Atlanta Junk Removal and quick response! I could not recommend a junk removal team more. The best part is your supporting a local family business. They removed bed appliances and tons of cardboard and junk from our garage. Prices were excellent frankly I ended up paying them more because the service was so good. I wish all Junk Removal companies that provide a service respected their business as much as these folks do.

65. Look no further for your junk removal and hauling. Atlanta Junk Removal is a professional, courteous and honest company. Communication via text was timely and clear. The prices are excellent. They arrived on time, worked quickly and held firm to their pricing description. The whole process from start to finish was smooth. I recommend them whole-heartedly. Support the “local” company of Atlanta Junk Removal!

66. Excellent commercial junk removal service. I arrived right on time for our appointment with Tony and his team. Price was exactly what was quoted to me via text. Great communication, super nice people. I love doing business with local folks. I’ll definitely be calling them the next time I need commercial junk removal.

67. Tony responded very promptly with my list of questions. Very professional while being easy-going. I haven’t officially used them yet to remove my ever-growing pile of junk but will be in the near future. I highly recommend them thus far.

68. I got a quote for a box spring and mattress and by the next day, Tony and his team came to pick it up at my home in junk removal Marietta. It was upstairs so they got it down and out of the house within less than ten minutes. He was super kind, professional, and way cheaper than the other junk removal company I called. Definitely keeping them in my contacts.

69. We had three items needing to be hauled away so some junk removal service in Atlanta. Not enough for a load to the dump and too big for my car. I contacted Knockout Junk and they responded immediately with a very reasonable quote as well as pick up time within 48 hours of my call. Tony arrived on time and quickly took my junk and hauled it away. My experience from beginning to end was exceptional!

70. We had an old box spring we needed hauled away and disposed of. Atlanta Junk Removal quoted us less than the other 5 Junk removal companies I contacted and were able to schedule the pickup for the very next day. I would definitely recommend these junk removal guys to anyone they were prompt and professional!

71. I needed some junk removal service in atlanta I called at 8am in the morning, all of my items, plus a bunch of yard dross was gone by 230pm! Really reasonably priced- the guys were polite, hardworking, fast, and left no trace. I am super impressed with this company based on the services provided today. thanks, Atlanta Junk Removal; I’ll be back when we have another batch of stuff to take away!

72. I highly recommend Atlanta Junk Removal! These guys removed excess furniture and a 3-bay garage full of stuff from the house we were moving out of. Punctual, polite, efficient, and fairly priced. Also impressive job of playing Tetris.

73. After getting a grossly overpriced estimate from 1 800 JUNK, I found these Tony and his team! They were able to come right away to get rid of an absolutely massive sectional from a room upstairs and another couch on the balcony. They tackled the problem quickly and even cleaned up afterward! Price was MUCH more reasonable. Highly recommend!

74. Great Service from Atlanta Junk Removal! He’s a very friendly and efficient individual, who made sure that I was satisfied before he left. I will definitely use this service again, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a junk removal service. Tony and his team!!!

75. Atlanta Junk Removal Answered immediately and has AN affordable price for furniture and appliance removal, told me earliest available and how long I could have it!! Under the unforeseen circumstances and 1000 things going on and can’t thank you guys enough! . Companies like this that clearly care about your needs will always succeed.

76. I recently relocated myself and my construction business figured I’d give a different commercial junk removal company a shot for construction debris removal. When you speak with them over the phone you feel like you’re speaking with a high-end retail department, really friendly and helpful. Looking forward to continuing to work with them for any more commercial junk removal I need! Thank you Atlanta Junk Removal

77. Outstanding!!! Cost much less than I anticipated, and they are a proud supporter of local military customers. Atlanta Junk Removal was wonderful to work with and provided the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. After a lot of research prior – look no further; I can now confirm Tony and his team is the best residential and commerical junk removal service available.

78. Wow!!! Fast, easy and reliable!! Made 2 calls, I went with this furniture and appliance removal company they did a fantastic job I have already told friends and family about this company of Atlanta Junk Removal!!!

79. Awesome Commercial and residential Junk Removal Company! Delivered on time and picked up when scheduled. Tony and his team are amazing. I completely explained everything to me. Pricing is decent and no extra fees just what we discussed. I definitely will use It again when the need arises. Thank you Atlanta Junk Removal That for excellent service.

80. Tony is so friendly ] We’ve used them multiple times for furniture appliance and mattress removal and each time they’re even great! Would highly recommend to my families and friends for Junk Removal in Marietta

81. Fantastic service, from the initial reservation to delivery and eventual pick-up. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this junk pick up company in atlanta ; Tony was a pleasure to work with! Would give more stars, if possible I am happy with my Junk removal service I got for my home in Atlanta!

82. Tony and the team at Atlanta Junk Removal That are awesome! I’ve used their services three or four times this year and I was impressed each and every time. Hands down the most friendly and professional Junk Removal company I’ve dealt with all year, and I deal with lots of local companies. I wish there was a plumber, havoc place or electrician that was half as good at taking care of their customers. If you need Junk Removal for your home or business I would definitely recommend giving them a call. Keep up the great work guys! Thank you next time I need service Marietta I will be giving you guys a call for sure.

83. I decided to use these Junk Removal guys based on the reviews that were here and I couldn’t have been happier. They were fast, on-time and worked very proficient to get my furniture and appliances picked up in such a fast time frame Everything was great and I could not say nicer things about Tony and the Junk Pick up a team with him. Would always recommend them and definitely have to my other friends. if I ever need junk removal don’t in Marietta again I know who to call.

84. I had Atlanta Junk Removal come in and move all the heavy Items in the last part of our move. You know the ones gun safe, 75- inch flat screen etc. I called on Tuesday and they were able to come out Wednesday, talk about service. A relatively short move and they completed it in three hours. Professional service with a smile at very reasonable rates. Highly recommended! Thanks for making my week painless.

85. .ABSOLUTELY FIVE STARS! Truly fast response and quick on the junk removal. We only had trash bags and a few small furniture and appliance items, but they were efficient and quick. I messaged them at 8-9p at night and got a response in 15 mins and he was available the next morning when I really needed the junk removal since we were moving the same day. His price is VERY reasonable, compared to other junk removal companies would’ve charged us!

86. Great Service! From Atlanta Junk Removal! The man who runs this junk removal service basically pays you to pick up your junk. He’s a very friendly and efficient individual, who made sure that I was satisfied before he left. I will definitely use this junk removal service again, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a junk removal service in Alpharetta or Atlanta.

87. Tony, the owner of this Junk removal company, is a very friendly person. I highly recommend his Junk removal services if you need to remove stuff from your property. They do not just remove junk, they recycle which is nice they came out to my home in Roswell and did some furniture and mattress removal the junk pick up went smooth they were very professional!

88. If I could give SIX stars I would. Customer Support was excellent. Junk pick up was on time and fast. I was a bit anxious as I called several businesses for pricing and Atlanta Junk Removal was the most reasonably priced so I assumed there was a catch; I kept waiting for the hidden fees. There were none. The price was exactly as quoted. the junk pick up persons were kind and efficient. This was one of the most pleasant, easy business transactions we’ve done in a long time. I would use Atlanta Junk Removal again and recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work, Tony and team!

89. Atlanta Junk Removal was great. Reasonably priced, easy to schedule, convenient drop-off / pick up, and friendly staff.
Having a dumpster at my homemade spring cleaning so much easier.

90. Atlanta Junk Removal is the only roll off company i will ever use. They are fast, courteous, very professional, always on time. Oh yeah, did I mention the price? They beat everybody else on pricing and availability too! Give Atlanta Junk Removal a call for your entire roll off needs.

91. Atlanta Junk Removal is the best junk removal company I’ve ever dealt with. I’m in the demo Commerical business, and Atlanta Junk Removal is on all my job sites. Tony and his team are very professional, courteous, speedy and willing to do anything to have a satisfied customer. And you can’t beat their response time. I recommend Atlanta junk Removal to anyone needing junk removal service in Atlanta or Marietta or anywhere in the surrounding areas

92. I needed some furniture and mattress removal done for my Marietta home and my business needed also some junk removal done at my commercial property
I called this Atlanta Junk removal company in the early am and they came out the same day and got the junk removed at my home in Marietta and my office in Atlanta everything was quick and painless and stress-free I am glad I called and not waited

93. I got myself in a jam and needed a working range and some scrap metal removed and dropped off for donation. Called Tony at 8:30 and he and another guy showed up at 10:30 to take it away. Wow. These guys are great. I will also call next week because I need some commercial junk removal and one of my properties a lot of drywall removal and construction debris removal needed so I will be calling soon again.

94. I just love these guys! Always prompt, friendly with great prices and most importantly, they get the job done quickly and efficiently.
We have been using Tony and his team for around 4 years and they have never let us down.
Would highly recommend!

95. Great professional service. Tony and his team were great. I showed up on time and looked very professional. They were nice to work with and very friendly, plus a great price. I will use them again and will recommend them to my friends.

96. Atlanta Junk Removal has my highest recommendation. They are friendly, honest, punctual, and efficient. And if you think moving and getting rid of junks can be stressful, their cheerful persona would prove you wrong!

97. Tony and his team are fantastic. This is the second time I have used their services to remove the trash left by previous homeowners/contractors. This most recent job, the contractor had left drywall and joint compound underneath a mountain of trash out loose in my backyard for over two months. The rain had broken down the drywall and compound and it was melting into my yard. It was a disgusting mess. They came out and removed everything AND SHOVELED MY YARD to get the contaminated mud out. That is the definition of going above and beyond. And they love dogs. 5/5

98. Atlanta Junk Removal is the real deal. They helped us with getting rid of the pile of junk from our garage. They are courteous, prompt, and kept us updated on their arrival time. Jody charged a very reasonable fee. I highly recommend them to help clear out your junk.

99. Look no further. The reviews are correct. Friendly, fast, competent, and fairly priced. Easy to book your junk removal online and you’ll get a call on the day off with the estimated arrival time within the window you selected. The price was great; the service was great. Recommending to everyone! Atlanta Junk Removal!!!

100. We had a broken freezer and s fridge that we needed to be removed. I called on a Friday and scheduled them for the following Tuesday. This junk pick up company called me on Monday and offered to come early since they were in the powder springs ga area, which was awesome! The price was the Best of multiple Junk Removal companies we had called. They came and took care of the Junk Removal removal, polite, professional. Will definitely use Atlanta Junk Removal. Used them again to remove construction debris from a remodel. They came out the day before Thanksgiving and took it all away. Charged for the truck and an hour’s work. They worked really hard and really fast. Super impressed with these Junk Removal guys, their work ethic, pricing, customer service… not easy things to find in any company but especially difficult in construction.

101. I have been using Atlanta Junk Removal for several years. Tony and the crew are amazing at what they do. They remove everything you want to go and also clean up the area and keep in contact to make sure everything was taken and you are happy with the work. I have recommended them to MANY people and builders and will continue to do so. I used other services before I used Atlanta Junk Removal and NONE of them size up. It is a great feeling to have a single company to go to that treats you right and is on your side. With so many companies/contractors that are only focused on the bottom line Atlanta, Junk Removal shines above them all! I have not even had the thought of calling another company for any removal project and will continue to use Atlanta Junk Removal in the years to come!

102. This Junk removal team went above and beyond to help us remove our oversized old furniture and mattress and TV’s. They were going to recycle them which made me very happy. The Junk Removal guys were extremely professional, showed up early, and were very kind and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for any Junk Removal in Atlanta or powder springs ga or anywhere!!

103. You can’t do better than these Junk Removal guys! They are responsive, reliable, and conscientious. Don’t use anyone else – they will never be better than Atlanta Junk Removal.

104. The Atlanta Junk Removal is amazing!! Quick friendly service with a smile. If you’re looking to support a great local Junk Removal business you’ve found it. They can clean your garage to help you tame the clutter. Professional attention to detail all the way.

105. I highly recommend Atlanta Junk Removal. I needed a washing machine hauled away for my home in Marietta, and they gave me a very reasonable quote over the phone less than other junk hauling Atlanta companies I contacted and were able to schedule the pick-up for two days later. On the day of the pick-up, they gave me a courtesy call half an hour before they arrived and hauled away the machine in about 5 minutes!

106. I had a sofa and desk I tried giving away before my move-out date but had no takers. I gave up and called Tony at Atlanta junk Removal Get It done on a Friday and she was very pleasant to deal with. We arranged a pickup time for Wednesday at my home in Marietta and she gave me an extremely reasonable the junk hauling Atlanta estimate was great He called 30 minutes ahead of the pickup time so I could meet them at my apartment, the team loaded the old furniture and mattress I had and took it away! What an ease to my frustration and worries. Highly recommended!!

107. Highly recommend! Atlanta Junk Removal showed up on time and provided cheerful, efficient service! Communication was as promised and they were very friendly and nice. I felt great with them in my home and they were sweet to my dog (important!). I’ll definitely use Atlanta Junk Removal again!

108. Professional junk hauling Atlanta team, friendly, efficient, quick, reasonably priced, tidy, and it was a pleasure to have used this service. I’ll recommend this business to others. Thank you, Tony and the team!

109. I called Tony to get a bunch of junk leftover after my contractor skipped out on clean up after getting a deck built and a new door put in. He was super nice, fast and easy to deal with even for an introvert like me. He made the whole process painless. I will definitely use this junk hauling Atlanta company again. Very fair pricing with an accurate quote and he answered all my questions. I can’t sing their praises enough.

110. Amazing service from Atlanta Junk Removal and extremely affordable compared to everywhere else I looked. They were so nice and gave a 30+ min heads up before arriving. will definitely be using this junk hauling Atlanta company in the future!

111. Tony was great to work with! Easy to schedule and invoicing was hassle-free. They worked us into their busy schedule on our scrap metal removal, and I really appreciated that next time I need residential or Commerical Junk Removal I know who to call!!

112. Just wanted to update this one – that Atlanta Junk Removal provided another great service – on the same day I called. For our Garage Clean-out, I needed at our home in Marietta Great job folks!

113. Tony has a fantastic Junk Removal junk pick up service here. He took away a couch and a love seat for me this time – a gigantic microwave and some boxes of stuff last time. Extremely fair pricing and responsible, trustworthy, skilled at moving – he even took a 6 ft. bundle of new weather-stripping in the original packaging to drop off at Habitat for Humanity when he is there soon.

114. I had an incredible experience with this junk pick up company in Atlanta from start to finish. Tony has a wonderful presence on the phone and was very helpful in setting up my appointment. Tony was super friendly and professional! Most importantly they got it gone!!! They deserve all your business, give them a call 🙂

115. wow, I called Atlanta Junk Removal Game changer! Requested a quote by calling – that same morning a garage full of kitchen remodeling debris, old appliances, mattress, furniture, and some other junk were gone, and at a great price. Tony was on time, quick, courteous, and professional – this is his own business and he knows what he’s doing. We will be using this junk removal for my home again powder springs ga

116. Amazing teamwork of Tony and his team local business. Great price, great communication! Making an appointment for my junk removal I needed for my home in powder springs ga and is easy and they work around your busy schedule. They do what’s best for their clients and the environment! They recycle what they can, which is very noble. The BEST hands down!!!!!!!

17. Atlanta Junk Removal just made my day! SO easy to use. Go a call and make your appointment. They show up, remove your stuff and you pay them! a person who picked up our junk, furniture and the mattress was very nice and professional.

118. Atlanta Junk Removal is great. I called and told them the details of my Junk removal job, I needed furniture and just one mattress removed and they promptly scheduled the work. Tony contacted me in advance of our appointment, and he arrived on time. Tony removed a freestanding range/oven and some appliance I had and furniture for haul away I highly recommend this business for junk hauling in Atlanta. The pricing was straight forward and more than reasonable as well.

119. I needed an Alpharetta Junk removal company Tony and team are the BEST when it comes too junk hauling in Alpharetta! I first used the service to remove a cumbersome washer/dryer some furniture one mattress from a cramped room full of stuff. Tony did the miserable job with a smile, professionalism, and expediency. I could not have been happier. Then, I had a lawn guy quit on a brush job half way through and Tony was more than happy to come and haul the brush. I will call anytime I need something hauled away. Thank you, Tony and your Junk Removal pick up team!!!

120. Excellent. Easy to do business with Atlanta Junk Removal for cleaning yard debris. Came when they said they would and very pleasant both on the phone and in person. Happy to have found these guys!

121. Extremely easy experience with this junk hauling service in Atlanta! It’s especially quick to set up the appointment on Atlanta Junk Removal. You get a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to arrival. Once there, they didn’t try to charge more, and they are set up to easily accept credit card payment. Would definitely recommend to my friends!

122. I called Atlanta Junk removal, the Real Deal; First Class all the way. I needed an appliance, furniture and mattress removal for my home in Atlanta Tony is professional, reliable, and honest and has integrity. This was the first time I met and used him, and I will never use anyone else. He’ll restore your faith in this industry as well as mankind. He was able to clear out all of my junk the same day and really came to my rescue in the nick of time. He really cares, and thoroughly enjoys what he does. If I could buy stock in his Junk Removal company, I would. Everything was perfect.

123. We had a fairly big job and Tony was fantastic. He cleaned out our shed full of furniture some appliance and an old mattress he was on time, clear on the communication for scheduling, did great work and was so respectful of our stuff. Just a fantastic Junk Removal team of Tony to work with. Very reasonably priced. I would hire Get It Gone again in a heartbeat. I have some construction debris I need for my Commerical property hauled off so I will be calling again for Junk Removal.

124. Awesome junk hauling Atlanta service! I called Tony last night, he gave me a very fair quote and showed up this morning on time. He took everything away and gave me a tip on how to get rid of the wet paint. He doesn’t just go to the dump; he recycles as much as possible. He is very courteous, definitely A+.

125. Tony was highly rated on my neighborhood Facebook page, and he deserves every single positive recommendation. Very nice hardworking young man. He showed up when he said he would, called ahead just like he said he would, and made hauling off an old refrigerator and furniture look easy. I highly recommend and will not hesitate to contact him again if I need furniture appliance or an old mattress junk pick up

126. This is such a great junk hauling Atlanta business! Tony has helped me in several situations this year including moving, hauling, recycling, getting rid of trash commercial junk removal for my business. He is very nice, prompt, and fast and has great Junk Removal Hauling rates. So if you have THE stuff to get rid of “Get it TO call this junk pick up company in Atlanta.

127. First met Tony when a customer at my store used him to pick up and deliver furniture for her. Then by freak chance, the next day my partner had scheduled him to haul off our old mattress and furniture. Really nice guy and the best price!! will definitely use him again for some old appliance things I need removed in a few months.

128. I called out to Atlanta Junk Removal and could not be more pleased! We are moving and had way too much-accumulated junk furniture, some old appliance, old mattress and so much more over the years. They take anything with the exception of toxic chemicals. They are reliable, prompt, friendly, and hauled away everything I needed for more than a reasonable price. I do not know what we would have done had we never heard of this junk pick up company Highly recommend

129. Extremely professional outfit! I didn’t compare prices but the website says that they have relatively low overheads and can beat the big box hauling companies on most junk removal jobs, which makes sense. Personal, courteous service is their hallmark and they certainly outperformed a certain app-based delivery company we just used in this regard No reservation about recommending! Atlanta Junk Removal!!!!

130. I called Atlanta Junk Removal on Wednesday morning to come to my church to unload junk, furniture, some old appliance, and an old mattress from a garage. Tony arrived at 3:30 that afternoon and had everything removed before 4:30. He also moved two heavy, unwieldy pieces of wooden furniture through hallways and doorways–amazing skill with a dolly! It’s a pleasure to do business with such a nice, Junk Removal competent company!

131. I have used Got Junk? Before and while the people were nice, it was super expensive. Atlanta Junk removal was even nicer and ridiculously less expensive. I’ll only be using them from now on!!

132. Tony was very, very kind and was able to accommodate our junk removal we needed at the last minute! I called around for several quotes and he was the most economical. He was extremely efficient and very professional. I highly suggest using Atlanta Junk Removal!

133. I’ve hired Tony a couple of times. He’s the best! He first helped me tear down and dispose of hundreds of cardboard boxes removal some old furniture, mattress and old appliance from my home Marietta in Then he took bunch stuff away to donate. These are things I could have done by myself, but Tony’s prices are so fair and he’s so fast that it makes hiring him totally worth it. Thanks, Tony! I will be calling in 2 weeks to get some commercial junk removal done I have a bunch of drywall removal and construction debris needed soon.

134. Tony removed my 240 lb. television and will recycle what he can and dispose of the rest responsibly. He is quick to respond and will work with your schedule. Very reasonably priced and very efficient. Highly recommend!

135. This was an amazing experience. After a certain donation truck refused to take some of our large items, I checked into lots of junk removal companies. I was shocked at how high the quotes were, and didn’t really know what to do. I’m so glad I found this junk pick up Atlanta company. The man I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and cordial, and she called me to confirm the appointment the day before. Tony was kind and helpful, and his quote was less than half that of other places. On top of all of that, he was kind to my kids and dog, which I always appreciate. I will definitely use Atlanta Junk Removal again, and I will recommend it to anyone who needs a hauling removal service in Atlanta.

136. I used the hauling junk removal service to have some old furniture, appliance, and old mattress removed based on the reviews.I called on Friday and made a reservation to have all the junk picked up on Monday between 9 am – 10 am. They called at 8:30 to let me know they were on the way and they arrived at 9:10 am. Great junk removal Atlanta service. Good price.

137. I went and called this Junk pick up hauling company yesterday, scheduled pick up of an old mattress, furniture, appliance the next day. Never have I been so impressed with the customer service and reasonable price. Class Act! will not hesitate to recommend ‘Atlanta Junk Removal’ to anyone that needs this type of service. Total awesome experience.

138. Tony at Atlanta Junk Removal called me back very promptly after I left a message. He was friendly and polite every time we spoke on the phone. We scheduled a time for him to haul off a pretty terrible mattress and he called to let me know that he had an earlier appointment open up if it worked better for me. I appreciated his help and the speed in which everything moved from the first call to the pickup. I would highly recommend Atlanta Junk removal.

139. Tony and crew are on time, honest, dependable, hardworking, and very interested in getting what you need done carefully and well. His rates are very reasonable. He has consistently earned a solid 5 star reputation as you can see from the other reviews. I have used this Smyrna company more than once and I recommend Tony to all of my friends. Hire Atlanta Junk Removal Furniture, mattress, old appliance pick up they will recycle anything of value to keep it out of the dump–which is great for the environment and economy, a double-win. You will be so glad you called this Junk Removal company.

140. Tony called when he was on his way, showed up on time at my home in Smyrna, cleared all the construction debris out of my garage in less than 30 minutes, and was the cheapest option I found He was very friendly and efficient. He also mentioned that he tries to recycle whatever he can, which I appreciate. I’d highly recommend Tony for any residential or commercial Junk Removal.

141. I had lots of junk in my garage and yard in my home in Smyrna that I had to get rid of. I called Atlanta Junk Removal and received a very quick reply from the owner, Tony, who scheduled an appointment for a Junk Removal estimate. Tony called before arriving and gave me a very reasonable estimate and began the work immediately. He did a great job. (His Junk Removal Pick up services are probably worth more than he charges.) I would recommend to everyone and will not hesitate to use his Junk removal services again for any residential or commercial project.

142. I should have called them a long time ago Atlanta Junk Removal! Great, great service. Very friendly. We moved and had a pile of recycling and boxes of clothes/Christmas ornaments to donate. He took everything! And was friendly and nice and really energetic too. Great price too. TIP – Don’t let the Rubbish Works website discourage you – it is a little difficult to navigate/understand – but everything works out just fine!

143. Tony and the team are Ah. MAY. Zing. Moving out of my condo I’ve lived in for 13 years was so daunting. This Junk Removal company was professional, friendly, respectful…so great to work with. I would recommend them not just to my friends, but to MY MOM!!!!! As good as it gets in junk removals.

144. We used Atlanta Junk Removal twice in the past several months as part of a move and for general culling. Tony is great. Timely. Friendly. Honest. And the price is fair.

145. I had some residential and commercial junk Removal I needed to get rid of for months. I called around and ended up talking to Tony who came by just a few hours after I called. He gave me a Junk Removal estimate that was much less expensive than any other Junk Removal company I had called. AND he took it right then and there. (For all you Eco-friendly people, because I know Atlanta has so many) He also said he was gone recycle the things he could rather than just throw it all in a landfill. Super nice guy and awesome positive attitude which I feel is hard to come by! He also took some other stuff I was gone a get rid of myself and he just said: “don’t even worry about it.” I will definitely be recommending Tony to everyone that needs some junk pick up help. Keep it up Tony!

146. I couldn’t be happier with the Junk Removal service I received. Tony was willing to come out on short notice. He unhooked and removed our dishwasher, and was very patient as I asked questions through the whole process. He was meticulous and very cautious about not damaging other parts of our kitchen (e.g., flooring). The price was incredibly reasonable, and I felt so much better knowing a professional properly unhooked our dishwasher. Based on the experience, I would recommend Atlanta Junk Removal to anyone looking for appliance removal, furniture or old mattress removal and any other services this Junk removal company worked out great for me.

147. Quick response and cheaper price is Atlanta Junk Removal than other competitors. Doesn’t mind text to customers when customers are working and also work with you on time when to have whatever job that needs to be done? They keep their word on any appointment on removing yard debris and also on time.

148. I had a very good experience with this junk pick up company in sandy springs. Professional, on time, reasonably priced, and were able to perform all that was requested. I needed furniture some appliances, old mattress the crew were very professional and on top of everything) Tony was excellent in responding in such a timely manner via text or phone. They even brought This is an exceptional Junk Removal company in sandy springs.

149. Great experience! I called to inquire about removing some miscellaneous objects furniture, appliance, and old mattress, from our house that we’ve been unable to properly dispose of. Tony was responsive and helpful, helping me talk through my needs. The junk pick up guys showed up, was quick, efficient, and pleasant. will definitely use again for any future projects I need in Atlanta or sandy springs area.

150. I was looking for a residential or Commercial Company in Atlanta or surrounding that’s when I found this Marietta junk removal Company after multiple companies would not provide an actual quote. I called and spoke with Tony who provided a quote for some construction debris and furniture removal. On the day of the furniture removal and construction debris removal, I received a call prior to arrival and the Junk Removal team we’re professional. The furniture and construction debris on my commercial property was moved out of the wat quickly and paying for the Junk removal Commerical service was easy. I will use this Junk Removal company again and inform everyone of my positive experience.

151. Atlanta Junk Removal just came and hauled away a half of a truck’s worth of items for me since I am moving out of my apartment this month. They actually arrived earlier than the 2-hour window but were gracious enough to wait for me so I could leave work and arrive a 1/2 hour before the 2 hour window. Tony and his team were very friendly and quick with their hauling. They didn’t waste any time I would highly recommend Atlanta Junk Removal for any junk pick up in Atlanta.

152. Excellent service of Atlanta Junk Removal. Will definitely use them again if the need arises. Tony and 1 young man who show up were very professional and did a great job of disposing of our grill, furniture, old mattress, and appliance.

153. Literally called this Junk pick up Company on my way home from work at 12:08 pm today and they had an opening and we’re able to send someone and Tony and his team waited for me at my home in Roswell removed the mattress, appliance,and olf mattress and we’re done with everything by 12:30. The Junk removal team that hailed the king mattress away was fast efficient and professional! Unbeatable service. 15/10 will use them again!

154. I called Atlanta Junk removal after several attempts to contact a carpet recycling place in Atlanta produced no results. I was able to get in touch with someone at Atlanta Junk Removal right away and he offered a crew to come to my house the same day. Received a call BEFORE my scheduled arrival window and was asked if it was okay that they came early…um YES! 🙂 Tony and his team showed up at my house were so courteous and they got rid of what I needed gone in just a few short minutes. Their pricing was extremely competitive and I couldn’t be happier. My cost ended up being less than what my quote was–how fantastic is that?! Thanks so much to Atlanta Junk removal! I’ll recommend you to anyone in need of your services. You guys are fantastic!

155. Junk Removal Service was amazing. Tony and his team came on time and were very helpful. My total ended up being a little cheaper than my original quote, which was great since we are a non-profit. Glad they are honest. The guys that helped me were very nice they picked up furniture, mattress and old appliance from my home in Roswell. Thanks again!

156. Used them twice now the Atlanta Junk Removal. The first time I had a garage full of floorboards furniture and old mattress and they neatly stacked everything in the truck to make 1 trip and pack as tightly as possible. 100% clean garage when done. Came yesterday to grab an old broken fridge and got that sucker outta there fast. Great Junk pick up guys on both trips. Very respectful and easy to deal with. Really is all about the guys they send. Competitively priced Junk Removal service

157. These guys at Atlanta Junk Removal were wonderful!!! Very professional with the commercial junk removal task with cleaning yard debris, on time and were very quick! They came to the Business we pointed out what needed to go and they made it disappear. We could not be happier!!!

158. All I can say is wow! Money well spent. They were on time showed up at my house in Alpharetta right on time, efficient, and had really great team work. It is amazing how wonderful you feel to have your space back. I strongly recommend you use these Junk removal guys to help you clean out your clutter. Their pricing is extremely fair. I called around to a few of their competitors and they were defiantly the most reasonable and affordable. You get a good price for great work! Use them. You won’t regret it! Atlanta Junk Removal!

159. I just had two roommates move out and one new one move in. We missed trash day in the chaos and ended up accumulating way too much for one trash bin anyway. Our landlord recommended Atlanta Junk removal because he’s worked with them before and I’ve got to say, I was impressed, to say the least!

I was blown away by how quick, helpful, and friendly these Junk removal pick up guys were. Atlanta Junk Removal prices are more than fair, and they just took a huge weight off my shoulders and out of my garage! Would recommend them to anyone.

160. This Junk Removal business is top-notch! I was quoted a price for what sounded as if it would be 2 hauls in their truck. It turns out the 1 truckload was do-able the way their workers packed it all in! They also were very friendly and courteous. I made small talk as they worked and could keep on task without missing anything. I would highly recommend Atlanta junk Removal them and use them again for my future junk removal tasks I need I live in Alpharetta it was hard to find someone so glad I found these pick up guys.

161. I called the company of Atlanta Junk Removal to pick up some “junk.” They were straight forward and helpful in understanding pricing and services. The agency was able to come out the next day and remove all our “junk.” They even came early! Pricing is reasonable and employees are helpful and efficient. I will use them again for any junk removal service in Alpharetta!

162. Friendly, quick service! Pricing was fair Atlanta Junk Removal. They removed junk from a difficult to reach location and cleaned up nicely when they were done. I recommend their junk pick up services!

163. I used Atlanta Junk Removal to remove yard and tree debris. They were on time when they got to my home in Roswell, the price was the quoted price, and cleaned up the spot where the debris was located. I would definitely use them again for any debris removal!

164. Wow! I called and Atlanta Junk Removal scheduled a pick up for some old furniture mattress and appliance for my home in Alpharetta. The guys were done with the job before mine early and called to say they were on the way to my house in Roswell if it was convenient. They moved the junk quickly, and I was charged the lowest amount I had been quoted. I would definitely use this Junk pick up again and will be recommending them!

165. I live in an apartment in Marietta. Needed to get rid of a box spring and mattress old furniture, appliance and some old construction debris. Atlanta Junk Removal could pick up the same week. They were on time Tony and his team came for the pickup were very careful moving the items out. They were efficient and funny!!! The price was very reasonable. I’d use this business again.

166. Very easy to do business with. Needed a mattress, furniture and appliance picked up in Marietta, called Tony and they gave me a quote over the phone. He took the payment was over the phone and I left the mattress furniture and appliance outside. I received a confirmation call just before the guys came over to my place in Marietta to grab it so I knew to expect them if I were home.

Folks who picked up my mattress were friendly and quick. Took them all of 1 or 2 minutes and they were on their way.
I would definitely use these guys again if the need were to arise in the future.

167. I’ve used these Atlanta junk Removal on Tree debris Removal They are very fast to schedule, friendly, not afraid to get their hands dirty and the cost seems competitive. Great job Tony and junk removal team.

168. Atlanta Junk Removal helped me get rid of an entire condo full of unwanted furniture mattress and appliance, left by previous tenants. They filled almost 2 truckloads with furniture, including a huge TV, 3 sofa/recliners, 3 love seats, dressers, an entertainment center, a large armoire and countless other heavy pieces of furniture. The men were professional, helpful and courteous throughout. A great junk removal experience! Definitely 5 stars!

169. If we needed some yard debris again, among other things, taken away. To our surprise, we didn’t have as much as we thought we did so we paid even less than quoted which was great. We will definitely call them again for residential or Commerical junk pick up in Atlanta if we ever need junk removal again.

170. The folks we worked with two *order* the pickup, were great communicators, very fair and competitive in pricing on pick up yard debris. Tony the owner who came to pick up, was on-time, professional and very courteous. We’d use them again in a heartbeat. Great experience.

171. Quick, efficient, reasonably priced for junk removal, exceedingly courteous – what more could you ask for? We had 3/4 truck amount of trash and debris from a previous I called them and left a voicemail. They called back within 5 min and the trash was gone by that same afternoon. If requested, they will take before and after photos (I wasn’t at the location at the time of hauling). Prices at the Atlanta Junk Removal were very reasonable. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Thanks, Tony!!

172. Tony and his team were fantastic! they removed my furniture, mattress, and appliance at my home in Marietta very Timely, professional, fast, very reasonably priced, detailed, and kind. I am very impressed by them and grateful for the help with things I just cannot get myself anymore. I highly recommend them for junk removal for junk pick up and am thankful to have my yard back again safe for my son!

173. I am VERY happy with the choice I made to call Atlanta Junk removal. They gave me a Junk removal estimate over the phone with the understanding that it may change when the guys came to get the stuff. The price I paid was exactly what I was quoted and the whole experience from 1st call to finalizing the payment was less than 2 hours!!! I will definitely call Atlanta Junk Removal again!!!

174. I got the best junk removal service in Atlanta Tony was great, smooth process all around for the furniture removal I needed for my home in Atlanta. Scheduling the pickup over the phone was easy, the guys showed up on time, and they were very courteous and professional. They did a much better job getting our couch out of the room than the movers who scraped up our door getting it in. Very pleased and will definitely call again for any future junk removal.

175. Very professional and very efficient is Tony. I called them Saturday and they scheduled me for Monday right away. They were on time and got the job done quickly. I will definitely recommend them in hauling services and junk removal. Price was upfront and fair.

176. This is my first time using Atlanta Junk Removal to haul away a broken, and very heavy, washer, furniture and old mattress Tony and his team were delightful, polite and made it look like it was easy. I will definitely use them again and recommend highly to friends!!!!

177. We used Atlanta Junk Removal today the crew was right on time and very Courteous they removed an old couch with no problem I would recommend them very highly and I would definitely use them again for junk removal.

178. Just used Atlanta Junk Removal to haul away some misc. furniture, appliance, mattress, old fencing, and construction debris. They were fast, courteous, and even rounded-down the final amount because our load wasn’t as full as they had originally estimated. I wouldn’t have known the difference. This kind of honesty is refreshing. Strongly recommend. I will be calling to get some commercial junk removal in a week I have some construction debris and drywall removal, carpet removal that needed to be done.

179. Finally found someone to remove my hot tub, furniture, mattress, and appliance The crew was professional, arrived on time and removed very quickly. They even clean up the mess afterward. If you have junk you need to be removed, I would definitely check with Atlanta Junk Removal!

180. These guys of Atlanta Junk Removal did an amazing job! I would not hesitate to recommend them! They were polite, careful not to damage my home, and very well priced for their amazing Junk Removal service with the scrap metal removal I needed to be done in my home in Marietta.

181. I chose Atlanta Junk Removal ’cause of all the 5-star ratings, so here I am to add another. Prompt, reasonable, personable, did the Junk removal job incredibly quickly. If all small businesses were like Atlanta Junk Removal, capitalism would be so much more fun. Don’t hesitate, call them. You won’t be sorry. Thank tony!

182. Loved Atlanta Junk Removal! These guys showed up, took all my stuff, and ended up giving me a much better deal than the other removal businesses in the area. I’ll definitely be using them again for appliance, furniture and old mattress removal for my home in Marietta if I ever need again. Great experience!

183. Atlanta Junk Removal did an exceptional job: They were very patient, easy to work with (they did all the work) and professional! I hope I never need the service again, but if I do, I’ll call Tony.

184. The first time we have used Atlanta Junk Removal. We had an old projection tv that we’ve had taking up space in our basement. Called Tony and experienced top-notch service from the initial call to pick up. I would highly recommend them for Junk Removal if I needed anything else hauled off and recycled.

185. Love Atlanta Junk Removal! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Easy to schedule appointments, always on time, professional, reasonable. It’s such a GREAT feeling getting rid of junk – you just walk through the house/garage/yard and point to stuff. Bam! It’s gone! No hauling everything to the curb, these guys do all the heavy lifting for you. I’ve used this Junk Removal before at least 3 times in the past 5 years and will continue to do so.

186. Tony and his team are awesome for Junk removal. I had an old patio swing in my backyard forever because I could not get it apart. When I called this pick up company, they said they would try taking it apart. They did so and took it away. Their Junk Removal prices are great as well!

187. Another happy customer of Atlanta Junk Removal. I called yesterday to get a quote and schedule an appointment for my home in Marietta. The quote was reasonable and not much more than renting a dumpster and hauling it I. Tony and his team came out this morning. They were polite and very efficient. It actually was less than what I expected. I would use them again but hope to not have to.

188. Fantastic experience from Atlanta Junk Removal! They quoted a price over the phone, and the actual cost was exactly that. They were very friendly and polite and showed up exactly on time. I’ll definitely be using them in the future for Junk removal if needed for my home in Marietta!

189. These Junk Removal guys were fantastic! I called them to get a quote last week. They’ll give you a rough estimate of the cost over the phone when you tell them what you need to be hauled away, and then they give you a firm quote when they come out. They took more than I mentioned over the phone, yet the cost didn’t increase. They scheduled time between noon and 1:00, and then Tony (the owner) called about 40 minutes before their scheduled arrival time to confirm that they would be on their way and they were right on time. Tony and his Junk Removal team were friendly, professional and efficient, and did a wonderful job. I will definitely use them again when the need arises for junk pick up in Marietta, and won’t hesitate to recommend them to friends. Their price was very reasonable and I felt good inviting them into my home in Marietta. It feels great to get rid of all that junk!

190. Could not be more pleased. Atlanta Junk Removal their customer service is outstanding in that they worked with my schedule, called that morning to confirm. Arrived on time at my home in Marietta. Quickly removed my stuff. Polite and neatly dressed. And reasonable. Was charged the low end of the quote, which is always a rare surprise. Sorry I didn’t call them sooner because they made this so easy…and my basement looks so much better now!

191. I had a GREAT experience with Atlanta Junk Removal. My experience – I called them and left a message asking for a phone estimate on furniture, appliance old mattress, and tree limb removal. My call was returned the next day with an explanation of their Junk removal hauling services and the best guess estimate based on my description of the amount I needed removed. Tony and his team are very nice young men who arrived at my house less than two hours later. Upon arrival, after looking at what I needed to be removed, I was given a price but told that they would compact the limbs into the truck as much as was possible to reduce the cost. After loading, and some serious ‘crunching’, the final cost ended up being less than the agreed-upon cost. I had appliances, mattresses, and old furniture and so much more removed They cleaned up after they loaded, and were SO professional. I will spread the word in my network about Atlanta Junk Removal. These hauling pick up guys are GREAT!!!

192. Atlanta Junk Removal is AWESOME!!!! I called them on a Saturday morning after forgetting that I had 12 bags of lawn trash stored on the side of my house and an old dishwasher and I was cleaning up for a home appraisal. They were able to come out the SAME DAY on short notice and charged a really reasonable fee for the junk removal hauling service. Tony and the team were extremely polite, they worked quickly to remove the trash, furniture, old appliance, old mattress and the whole process only took a 20 min. They called to let me know when they would be there so I could schedule the rest of my day and were there within the exact time frames they game me. Atlanta Junk removal is as reliable and as good as it gets. !

193. I called at 10 am for a quick junk pick up and they came about 3 hours later to do all the hauling. They cleared out a whole office space we were using as storage and hauled away everything in less than 2 hours. I would definitely use this junk removal hauling company again! Great price compared to some of the national chains. I will recommend Atlanta Junk Removal to everyone!!! I have some construction debris I will need to be removed in a few weeks at commercial property in powder springs ga

194. 5 STARS for Atlanta Junk Removal! My phone message was returned within 24 hours, scheduled an appointment for pick up 2 days later and the process took less than 15 minutes!!! Very courteous and very nice- even my 2 yr. old shelter dog who is skittish of men took an instant liking to them and she was even ready to go out the door with them. Very reasonable and fair prices, I would absolutely use their junk removal services in Atlanta again!!!

195. I needed some junk removal service in Atlanta because We were tasked with the chore of cleaning out my parents’ home after 60 years of living there. After numerous trips to Goodwill, furniture, appliance old mattress, boxes, full trash cans, we decided it was time for help. On the scheduled day, Tony and his team, of Atlanta Junk Removal., called to let us know they were on the way, arrived promptly and cleared out more than we had in two months. They were professional, courteous, and even accommodated our request for another truckload the same day. We were extremely impressed with their Junk removal hauling service in Roswell and recommend Tony and his team to anyone needing junk removal.

196. We needed a residential and commercial junk removal company for a bunch of old decking, carpet, construction debris, furniture, some appliance, old mattress siding materials, yard debris, and more Atlanta Junk Removal showed up with their truck AND loaded it for us. They were very professional, shoveled and raked up the yard before leaving. Tony and his team were the best. I highly recommend these guys.

197. Great customer service on phone and during the commercial junk removal work scheduled and affordable! People were friendly and speedy removing items upon arrival. I have already scheduled to help me with a second job on yard debris by the Atlanta Junk Removal.

198. I was searching around for a Smyrna junk removal company to get rid of my junk and found this junk removal powder springs ga Company I just they come out today to remove an Old queen-sized mattress and a chaise lounge. Tony and his team were incredibly helpful and professional!! Yesterday, when I was yelping back and forth with Atlanta junk removal and talking with its office personnel, I ended up adding a lot of confusion into the mix.
Today, they handled the confusion very fluidly and professionally. When there was a question, Tony and his team took control of the situation and made certain to best represent the company by making certain that the customer was happy and satisfied. They worked quickly. It was such an easy process- that resulted in checking off a big to-do on my list!

199. The commercial junk removal service is great at Atlanta Junk Removal. I found them to be easy to coordinate with when I needed to remove drywall debris from my house. They are dependable, and even worked in the rain! Thank you Atlanta Junk Removal!

200. I became aware of Atlanta Junk Removal a couple of months ago when they were picking up items from a neighbor. I had an upcoming move and wrote their name down. Fast forward to last week when I contacted them for an appointment. They were available pretty much immediately and were able to work with me on pricing to fit my budget. Today they came and picked up a ton of large mattress, furniture, appliance to smaller items. The team that assisted me was very courteous and completed the job in about 20 minutes. I am very appreciative of their service and would definitely recommend them to others.

201. This is the Junk pick up the company you want to hire. Tony is very responsive and communicative. He provides a straightforward Junk removal hauling service which I’ve called upon many times. I appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness of Tony for yard debris and carpet removal I needed for my home in Roswell.

202. . We had a load of trash and debris leftover from a move. I would guess it amounted to about 5 pickup loads. We hired Atlanta junk Removal because they were the first to respond to our request – and we were in a hurry. From the first telephone conversation to the departure of their truck the experience was nothing but exceptional. They were polite, timely, clean, and efficient. They aren’t the cheapest game in town, but if you want someone you can count on to do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it, these are your guys.

203. Quoted me a great low price after viewing photos of what I needed hauled off. Very respectful Junk removal team by Tony and squeezed me in their busy schedule for same-day hauling. They were in and out quickly to my house in powder springs ga and even swept my garage when done! I HIGHLY recommend this Atlanta Junk Removal if you are looking for prices and quality work that can’t be beaten.

204. Probably Atlanta Junk Removal is the most affordable way to get the job done hauling away junk, I was very pleased and they got straight to business, done in a timely manner, They got my vote, highly recommended for junk removal I live in powder springs ga and it was hard to find a company to come out I called several and this junk pick up company did it.

205. Tony of the Atlanta Junk Removal! That is one of the most professional Junk Removal Hauling service companies I have worked with. Their service is prompt and they do exactly what they say they are going to do. I have now used Atlanta Junk Removal That on several occasions and they always deliver and pick up on schedule at a very reasonable price. They have a wide selection of sizes. I would highly recommend them for junk pick up.

206. Tony came by my home in Roswell needed to clean out a storage unit and then garage and attic I needed furniture appliance and mattress removal and I had so much more junk than that. he was fast getting the junk removal hauling service done I will call him again if I ever need residential Junk removal again.

207. Tried the other junk removal companies and not worth the hassle didn’t call back but Atlanta Junk Removal is GREAT! They come on time, picked up the furniture, appliance, and old mattress, go wrong with them.

208. I hired Tony and his crew to remove a mattress, furniture, and some appliance from my place because I had to get them out of here before new furniture arrived. Tony is the consummate professional–friendly and polite. He and his crew were so careful about getting rid of the stuff out of my place and I really appreciated it since I have a lot of artwork on the walls and narrow passageways. If I ever need a junk pick up haul away, I will definitely call this Atlanta Junk removal service again.

209. Great commercial junk removal service and dependable. I called around to get Junk removal quotes and found this awesome junk removal company in sandy springs and they offer a fair price given a large amount of junk I needed to be hauled away from a property. Highly recommended for anyone who needs junk removed is the Atlanta or sandy springs area junk Removal

210. Atlanta Junk Removal is very professional, showed up on time to get rid of my furniture, mattress, and appliance, friendly, quick. And cost what I expected for a huge amount of stuff. Highly recommend them for yard debris also.

211. I hired Tony and his team to help clean some large items out of my garage in Marietta. They were prompt, courteous and reasonably priced. Atlanta Junk Removal will definitely use them again for junk pick up in Marietta!

212. Atlanta Junk Removal was a lifesaver for me! I had a washer and dryer, appliance, mattress, and some old furniture that I needed to get rid of with my move to my smaller apartment just a week away. I think I reached out to them on a Thursday and was able to schedule my junk removal for that Saturday. They arrived early at my house in Marietta And got the hauling task done they worked quickly. They charge a fair price and also come into your home to remove the junk (two things that were important to me). All-in-all, it was a good experience and I would use this Junk Removal company again as well as recommend them to others.

213. I checked with several Junk Removal services before deciding to use Atlanta Junk Removal. They were very quick to respond and were willing to work with me on a very heavy piece of furniture, and old mattress and some appliance I needed to move. They came out and picked up everything they did everything so quick contacting them was a breeze and were reasonably priced as well. Save yourself some grief and just use these Junk removal guys. Highly recommend!

214. I strongly recommend this Junk pick up Company of Atlanta Junk Removal. Easy scheduling, prompt and efficient, very reasonable pricing, and very nice people. Did a very thorough Junk removal job in my house in Marietta and was a very pleasant team of people.

215. Great Junk removal hauling service and price on Atlanta Junk Removal. I got four quotes for junk removal and this pick up hauling company was the lowest. They arrived on time and were friendly and efficient. I can’t get any better than great service at a great price.

216. Excellent Junk removal hauling service and reasonable price. I called one day ahead of time and they agreed to meet me at my home in Marietta to provide a quote. They arrived early and had to wait for me to arrive. They gave me a reasonable price and did a timely junk removal pick up the job of emptying out two-bedroom house. they event swept the carpet and let everything in great shape. I would certainly use Atlanta Junk Removal again and I would recommend them to my friends for furniture and junk removal.

217. Atlanta Junk Removal for the win! Arrived when they said they would, removed the huge pile of junk, furniture mattress and appliance in our garage quickly and efficiently. Charged a more than fair price. I will definitely use them again for junk pick up!

218. Gave me a quote on hauling junk removal service based on pictures I sent and it was much lower than I expected to have to pay. Showed up within a few hours of giving me the Junk removal quote for my home in powder springs ga and had my garage cleared out of my old furniture, mattress and appliance extremely fast. Highly recommend. Atlanta Junk Removal!

219. The crew of Atlanta Junk Removal that came out to remove a large pizza oven from my back yard was amazing! Not only was the price the best so was the Junk Removal service and the crew of Tony!

220. Atlanta Junk removal they were on time, had the necessary tools to take the legs off the desk, removed their shoes and were courteous. I will use this Junk removal service again.

221. Excellent service of Tony and his Junk Removal team, fast and very professional… highly recommended… I believe the price was the best one in the market compares to others.

222. Quick and easy communication to get a Junk removal pick up the quote and set up a date/time. I felt the price was very reasonable for how many pieces I needed to be hauled away. I showed up right on time and got everything loaded up quickly. I’m very happy with the Junk removal service I got at my home in Marietta and would highly recommend . Atlanta Junk Removal!!!!!

223. Atlanta Junk Removal was a Godsend. They answered my request within 10 minutes and came the same day. Fair price and very careful moving big pieces down 2 stairways. Helped me get stuff out of a townhouse we are selling. Thank you.

224. Messaged Tony this morning of and they gave me a great price on commercial junk removal All the trash and drywall was gone a few hours later – only took them 30 minutes and swept up all the remains – will use again.

225. I used Atlanta Junk Removal to haul away a huge headboard/armoire. They dismantled the furniture and hauled it from the fourth-floor apartment on a 100 -day. I appreciated how prompt and professional they were and they were by far the most affordable Junk Removal quote that I received. I will definitely use them again in the future!

226. I requested a quote from Atlanta Junk Removal Tony answered and it was a very reasonable junk pick up a quote I could not be at my house in powder springs ga when they made the pick up, but they had no problem with me leaving a check for them. They said they’d be there between 10 and 12 on and were actually a little early. They called ahead of time and then also called once they’d picked up my junk items like furniture appliance and mattress removal. They even sent a picture showing my back patio was now cluttered free. I liked that. I have not one single complaint about the Junk removal hauling service I received and would use their service again.

227. This furniture removal Atlanta guys are great. Reasonably priced for commercial junk removal, prompt to return calls, show up on time, and very friendly. Will use again for junk removal hauling and highly recommend!!! Shout out to Tony- super sweet, super professional, and very quick to get our needs met in a timely manner.

228. We needed a junk pick up in our home in Atlanta We had a washing machine that needed to be removed from our SECOND- floor condo. I contacted Atlanta Junk Removal for a quote and they responded about an hour later with a quote That was the best quote by far. I messaged them back through about setting it up and they told me they had a 10 am-12 pm slot open for the next day. . They showed up at 10:15 and were gone by 10:20. It was fast, seamless, and best of all wonderful price. I was very happy. Especially considering I lived on the second floor. I paid in cash, so I don’t know what other payments they take.

229. Recommended Atlanta Junk Removal! for any appliance removal in Atlanta, I called on a Wednesday and gave some photos of the items we would want to be removed. I was calling in regards to an office in Atlanta which we have closed, and we are in Oklahoma. I’ve never even seen the inside of that office, let alone taken stock of exactly what all was in there. So I was pretty vague. Even so, the office man called me back within an hour or so and gave me a prompt quote. She even offered for them to come just an hour later and haul it away! I requested two days later on a Friday instead, and they accommodated that request. They showed up that morning, right on time, and our property manager was 45 minutes late! They politely waited for our property manager to arrive to let them into the building. (So embarrassing!) They removed everything we requested without issue.

230. This team of Tony was great. I called in the late afternoon on a Saturday just looking for someone to take away my old bed for a decent price. They made time later in the day and were super quick about taking the bed apart and taking away the pieces. I would definitely call them again.

231. The Atlanta Junk Removal was great to work with. They had the best price, quickest response time, AND hauled away a garage full on the same day I requested the quote. Hard to beat junk removal service like that.

232. I needed a short-notice junk removal for my home in sandy springs and Tony and his team came through! Their prices are unbeatable (I received 6 quotes and they were by far, the best!), They responded right away and were able to help me out the same day. Professional and speedy junk removal! Thank you, I will definitely be using them again.

233. Needed large demo scrap removed ASAP. Atlanta Junk Removal was prompt and knocked out the entire load in no time. Great communication throughout and great overall commercial Junk removal service. I would highly recommend.

234. We had furniture that local charities wouldn’t take (they only want new or gently used). We called Atlanta Junk Removal and they were able to come within a couple of hours. Tony was professional, friendly, and efficient. We paid with cash. I would highly recommend Atlanta Junk Removal if you need stuff hauled away.

235. Great experience! Great communication, they came on time and got the Junk Removal job done quickly, they removed some furniture mattress and appliance efficiently and professionally. I will 100% recommend and use them again in the near future. GREAT JOB Atlanta Junk Removal!!!

236. These commercial junk removal guys are awesome. Super friendly, extremely expedient and took care of my junk in a matter of two hours. I submitted a request on and received a quote within minutes, was able to submit a photo. Tony was great! I highly recommend they are a quick junk pick up in Atlanta. Thank you!

237. I’ve used this commercial junk removal company before to remove some construction debris and clean out rent houses that were subject to evictions they have box trucks and large dump trailers that can accommodate pretty much any size very happy with the services they provide. They are the best Junk Removal company they were fast and efficient for me thank you Atlanta Junk Removal!!!!

238. These Junk pick up guys were awesome, I had a lot of assorted stuff junk furniture, mattress, and appliance from 3 moves and these guys came and took it all away in less than 45 minutes. Friendly and careful I highly recommend Atlanta Junk Removal

239. Had the unenviable task of having to clean out my deceased parents’ home. After much research, I decided to give Atlanta Junk Removal a try. Spoke to Tony, who quoted me a good price He was able to accommodate my arrival schedule and come over on a Sunday, they did some hauling got rid of my furniture mattress and appliance this worked out perfect thanks to Atlanta Junk Removal.

240. Very dependable and competitively priced for haul away appliance, furniture and my mattress removal I needed in Marietta Tony is a hands-on business owner and runs his operation efficiently and effectively.

241. Everything worked out good using this Junk Removal pink up company of Atlanta Junk Removal. They had the cheapest price I could find they came over to my home in Marietta picked up my old furniture appliance and mattress I would use them again for sure for junk removal in the future.

242. Tony was great. Very responsive and reasonably priced. They were able to schedule my furniture, appliance and mattress removal in Atlanta the same day.
Highly recommend them for ALL your removal needs! Thanks guys!

243. These Junk Removal hauling guys were awesome! We are moving and we needed bulk collection to get rid of all of the trash/broken appliances/etc. They were able to come the same day we called, and they were very friendly and helpful. I had called around 9 am, so I had a few quotes for junk removal. Atlanta Junk Removals price matches and it was obvious that they care a lot about their customers. I would highly recommend you call if you’re looking to avoid a trip to the dump or recycling center!

244. This Junk Removal commercial company did a great job at my commercial property after they were done hauling away stuff I had them head over my house later on and they got rid of a lot of accumulated worthless stuff from the yard of a house I was selling some old mattress I had old appliance and furniture that needed to be removed badly from my home in Marietta. Reasonably priced, good communication- will definitely use them again thanks Atlanta Junk Removal!!!

245. I was looking for a junk removal hauling service online for a Marietta junk removal Company and on one of the most humid and drizzled days Tony and his team worked very hard to remove my furniture and Appliances and they removed it all. It may have taken a few hours but they got the job done. We had a lot of Appliance and furniture removal that we needed piles and piles of Junk. They are AWESOME! I would definitely ask for them again! Thank You!

246. One of the best experiences in dealing with Junk removal companies, ever! Tony was prompt and kept me informed of the process. There were a few obstacles he encountered along the way, but he remained diligent and saw it through with as minimal inconvenience as possible. Very professional. You will not regret working with him.

247. Extremely professional, very reasonable for junk removal what a great price, Tony and his team were able to come out immediately and I was amazed at how fast they were in and out! I highly recommend this Junk pick up company and would definitely use them again!!

248. I found Tony doing a search. Didn’t shop around so I don’t know if the price was high, it was less then I intended to spend They came out a little earlier did a great job. Team of 2 then a 3rd came and they cleared out the whole house. Very professional and very efficient. Took payment and was on their way, will definitely recommend and use again. I will be calling in a week or two I have a business that needs commercial junk removal and I have some constructIon debris needed to be done.

249. Fantastic service of Atlanta Junk Removal from start to finish. Very responsive. Great team effort to get the job done. Fast, efficient, friendly and professional. Highly recommend with yard debris cleaning!!!!!!

250. Atlanta Junk Removal is a great company very professional and polite. They were fast and did an excellent job. Cleaned up after them, also saved me some cash from the original quote. Tony the owner called after the job was completed to ask if I was satisfied. They emptied my house of my furniture under two hrs. I would recommend this Junk removal hauling company highly if u need any debris removed from your home.


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